The Random “Goings On” of a Worship Pastor

1. Turner thinks he has another loose tooth. Seems like it’s cemented in pretty good to me.

2. We’re cutting out announcements in our Sunday service…Guess whose ministry gets to do another song?

3. Pulled into the McDonald’s drive-thru while on the cell phone with my Wife. After hearing what I ordered she promptly changed my diet.

4. Taylor sings everything. I feel like I live in the middle of a musical.

5. Watched Turner hang out at a gymnastics daycamp. He did a front hand spring and landed on his feet (he’d never done it before)…Am I raising the next Kurt Thomas?

6. As always, my favorite song has changed again. Loving “Happy Day” off of the new Tim Hughes disc.

7. Ted, our Youth Pastor, got an iPhone…I hate him.

8. Finished Turner’s “Seahawks” bedroom. None of the “Bears” fans seem to want to come over for small group.

9. My September schedule looks like a nightmare…can’t wait to get to Innovate to catch a break.

10. Speaking of breaks…the fam and I leave for Seattle in 2 weeks. Can’t wait to see a mountain again.


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