One of my favorite bloggers posted yesterday about reading the Bible in a year. Check it out here. I found myself challenged by what he had to say. I read, I study, but when was the last time I really dug into the Word over the course of a year? So…off I go. I started today and found something interesting in Genesis that never jumped out at me like this before.

Genesis 1:7 says; “And the Lord God formed man’s body from the dust of the ground and breathed into it the breath of life. And the man became a living person.”

It dawned on me as I read this…we can become nothing until God breathes into us. Everything we are, everything we do, everything God has raised us up to accomplish in our lives is because He has breathed into us. That breath contains life, grace, peace and passion. That breath empowers us to do what God has called us to do. I’m convinced that all of us as Christ Followers are still becoming what God wants us to be…which means He must still be breathing into each one of us.

I still have 364 days to go…I wonder what’s next?


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  1. Ok, so I think a lot of us need to do the same has been a long time since I read the Bible cover to cover. I think the thing that was cool that he said was that if you have a plan and others are following it too, you can talk about where they are at with them and glean things from them and them from you as you read the same scripture…

    So that being said…what is the plan, I would love to read along with you as you post your insights…

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