An Excercise in Transparency

Most of you who know me at all, know that I treasure authenticity and transparency. I can’t stand it when Christians walk through life putting up a front that says; “I have it all together in the name of Jesus”, when the truth is their life is anything but together. I’ve found that the more transparent I can be with those around me, the more encouraged I become. The more I open up about what’s happening in my life (good or bad) the closer my relationships become. The more I’m willing to admit that I’m a Pastor who has the same day in and day out struggles as any other Christ Follower, the more I’m able to relate to those around me and vice-versa.

As a leader, this is key. Am I supposed to put on a “Super Worship Pastor” cape and fly around as if I live in absolute spiritual bliss, or am I supposed to keep it real enough that those around me can see that I’m walking on the same earth as they are? For me, ministry is about relationships and relationships thrive on transparency.

So, here’s my transparent moment for the day. It’s the same battle I’ve fought off and on for most of my time in ministry. I’m finding myself so wrapped up in the creative preparation to do what I do, that I’m often forgetting the simplicity of sitting quietly at the feet of Jesus. Read the story of Mary and Martha and you’ll understand what I mean.

How about you? What’s the big struggle right now? I dare you to post it. I dare you to be transparent enough to admit your imperfections and open enough to let those around you come alongside and encourage you. You’d be amazed what a little transparency can do in your life!


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  1. I have a huge problem giving God total control and realizing that what I accomplish is because of what he is doing with me. It is really easy to take the credit for anything good. It is much easier to give God the glory in times of crisis than when things are going well. As I am trying to teach my children I am reminded that actions speak louder than words. If I tell them that God is in control of everything that happens yet do not give him credit for everything, what will my children do when they go out on their own? It is easy to put on a smile and say that everything is okay and pretend that christians do not struggle with life. I am privilaged to have a church to call home that I can go deeper and be human.

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