Pulling the Trigger

I think the most difficult part of using lay leaders is actually pulling the trigger to empower them. As I’ve been working through the restructuring of our creative ministries, I’ve been able to take a look back over the last 17 months since I got to town and zero in on who my key people are. God has gifted these people to lead and I know God does not gift someone without the intention of using that gift.

That means my role must shift. Just because I’m gifted to lead doesn’t mean I should keep everything so close to the vest that no one else can have a place. The truth is, I’ll drop dead inside of a year if I continue at that pace. God has raised up some amazing people around me so that I don’t have to worry about that any longer.

My job now is to develop my new leaders, continue to grow my old ones and to keep identifying new gifted people. I still oversee everything, I’m involved in the process, but now, I can do so without frying myself at the other end.

Pull the trigger and use your leaders!


One Response

  1. I am excited that we are starting to branch out and that others are helping out with rehersals. It is going to free up more time that I can spend with my family and we will be able to come to Wed eve service with the new schedule change. Each vocal team has its own strength and weaknesses and we all pick up on parts differently. I think that the change will be benificial to us just as much as it is to you Jim!
    Way to go….

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