Leading Out of the Overflow

I’ve always believed that creativity happens as our hearts overflow. It’s the same with worship leading. Effective worship leading comes from a heart consumed by the things of God. If this is true in regards to our creative craft, is it also true in regards to leading people in our ministry? I’m convinced that if we lead out of a genuine affection for people, with a true desire to see them grow and draw closer to God, then we will lead in the most effective way possible. Why? Because it’s in those moments that we lead out of the overflow.

Do we genuinely love our people? Or are they simply a part of our “work environment”? Do we really want them to mature consistently in their walk with God, or are we only involved in their lives on the surface? Leading out of the overflow is to lead as Jesus did. With an all consuming affection and love for each and every person in your ministry.


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  1. Jim…this is incredibly challenging and convicting…thanks!

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