Soaking In

Well…here it is, week 2 after sinus surgery and a rare Sunday morning off. It’s always a strange feeling to sit out with the congregation instead of leading worship,  but this morning I was determined to simply soak in God’s presence. So often, all of us creative types get so caught up in creating, that we forget to simply sit at the feet of the one who created creativity. It took all of about 2 measures of the opening song for me to be consumed. There I stood, no guitar, no microphone, and no responsibilities other than simply standing in the presence of God. It was an awe inspiring morning that I won’t soon forget.

I’m blessed to have a great team around me. People who love God and serve Him with all they have. People who made this morning possible. People who God used to breathe Himself into me. Today, I was refreshed, renewed, re-inspired and completely undone.

What a great day…maybe I should have surgery more often…or better yet, maybe I should schedule these kinds of Sunday’s here and there throughout the year…that seems like a good idea to me. 


One Response

  1. I truly believe that when we take time to step back and just let God take over he blesses us. That same service I found myself letting go more than I ever have before. Instead of concentrating on just worshiping God I allowed him the opprotunity to minister to me. It was just plain Awesome! It reminded me to not just give to God, but let him give back to me.

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