Commitment Level

One thing I’ve noticed over the years is the level of “burn out” that occurs in various ministries. You hear this term used a lot in regards to Pastors and full-time church staff, but it’s not used often enough in reference to volunteers and lay-leaders. I think as leaders, especially within creative ministries, we find that “perfect fit” for a portion of our ministry, plug them in and then let them excercise their giftedness. The problem is, more often than not, we fail to have the “commitment level” conversation with them before the work begins.

I’ve said this from say one; “I will never sacrifice my family on the alter of ministry”…in other words, I will never over commit to the point that I neglect the biggest ministry in my life…my family. That said, how can I excpect anything different from my volunteers and lay-leaders?

The truth is, if I don’t take the time and make the investment to measure each persons commitment level, ask them to weigh it honestly with thier work life and family life,  then I am doing them and the ministry a dis-service.

Ask the questions, don’t allow those who serve alongside you to over commit. Give them an opportunity to use thier gifts, without sacrificing their sanity, their family or the love of serving.


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