Thoughts on Pop Culture

Great post today on Rock Runs blog….check it out here. This brings up a great topic for all of us. We are, without a doubt, a church that embraces pop culture and leverages it in a positive way. I’d be interested to hear your thoughts on this after you check out the link.


2 Responses

  1. Jim…Thanks for your blog comment. I appreciate what you said. Came to your site and realized we have something in common…I have Bloomington roots on my wife’s side. In fact, they helped start Immanuel Baptist…the church that bought Vale’s old site. Small world! I enjoyed your blog. Good insights…I’ll be checking out what you have to say.


  2. No matter how pop culture is viewed within the church it can be effectively used as a tool. But as anything it can be taken to extremes-The church can go too far in one direction with pop culture and conform to the world or another direction and turn non believers away as they shelter themselves from the world. The one thing I believe is that the messages of Gods salvation through Jesus Christ should never be dilluted or compromised and that we need to reach out to the world around us and bring non believers to him. Just think of how many people have gone to the churches after the hype of the Davinci Code. Pop culture influences us more than we know and we can use it as a tool to bring others to an understand of what Jesus did for them and with the help of the holy spirit-salvation.

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