Identifying Your Key Leaders

If there’s one thing I’ve learned over my time in ministry; it’s that I can’t do it alone. It doesn’t matter what level of giftedness I may have, what amount of motivation is within me or how a great a plan may be in place…I can’t do it alone and neither can you. As I’ve started to look at this creative resturcturing, the first place I’ve found myself looking is within my own team. I have a ton of artists and techies that I am blessed to work with,  but who are the key people? Who are my leaders? Who can I count on?

Here are 3 easy steps to finding who your key leaders are:

1. Heart: Do they have a servants heart? Are they doing this for God or for thier own recognition? Do they walk a life that reflects the one we honor in our ministry?

2. Talent: Yes, I said it…talent! God gifts people in specific ways for specific purposes. Looking at your team, who are your skilled people? Who is a head above the rest? Who has skills, yet still has the heart to compliment them?

3. Respect from peers: Do others look to this person for guidance in thier specific areas? Does the person respond to others in a way that would earn respect? Do you believe that your team would follow the lead of this person?

Heart, talent and respect…To me, these are characteristics of a leader. Find this person and you have found a key leader in your ministry.


One Response

  1. One thing in my life that sustains me is an optumistic attitude. I do what I do to the best of my ability and give it my all. While my talent is not as advanced as others I have learned a lot (and continue to do so) as I serve along side others. As my heart is in the right place, I am able to worship more freely than if I was focued on somebody being a better vocalist than I am. It is not just having the talent, but also having your heart and intentions in the right place.

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