When was your last good brainstorming session? I had a nice one on Tuesday with Steve Hawkins media man extrordanaire. We met at Starbucks (where all good meetings happen) and had a great time of sharing, vision casting and laying out the beginnings of what is about to be a restructuring of how we lead in our creative departments. If you’re in a growing church, then you’ve been there before…the church is growing, but the teams aren’t…the technology is advancing, but the training format isn’t…you’ve got 2 hands and 100 cookie jars that are waiting for you to reach in.

This is both stressful and exciting at the same time. It means that God is at work in a great way, but it also means that we need to start brainstorming on how to keep up. As I mentioned here, about learning from the Willow Arts Conference, these kinds of transitions take time, planning and structure. I can think of no greater format for this than a good brainstorming session. has a nice post about effective brainstorming, check it out here.

Much more to come as we tackle this new adventure. I can’t wait to see what God will do as he guides our brainstorming sessions and begins to solidify the foundation and structure of our creative teams!


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