Now What?

Well, the big conference is over at Willow Creek. It was a nice couple of days…learned some things, met some nice people and enjoyed being “artsy”. So now what? It’s so easy to come back from something like this and try and implement every little thing you picked up. In reality, as a leader this is the worst approach. Implementation takes time, it takes planning and yes, it takes structure. Whether you’re in a larger church or a smaller church, taking careful steps in this area is of the utmost importance.

Try and narrow the focus down a bit. What one “big idea” can make a difference in your church. For me, I gained a ton of knowledge listening to Jason and Nelson from the Journey Church in NY City. Their insight into planning and creative organization what impressive to say the least. This is something tangible…this is something I can wrap my hands around, get with my team and begin to implement some improvements. My time with Butch Whitmire from Granger Community Church is also another example of something tangible…real ideas, real insight, that works in a church of 10,000 or 200

As leaders we don’t need to try and turn our church into the next Willow Creek, but we can learn from them and others. Begin to strategize and seek God within your ministry and see what He would have you implement.


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