Day Three – From The Willow Arts Conference

Day Three is pretty sweet. First of all because I get to go home and see my family today, but also because I was able to get some time alone with Butch Whitmire from Granger Community Church. For those of you who don’t know, alot of what we do on Sunday’s in regards to the visual arts is influenced by the work Butch and his team do at Granger. These guys are on the front lines of visual media use in Church today. As we spoke I became more and more encouraged. Many times when you sit in that kind of environment, you can walk away the exact opposite. They have a church of 10,000…we have a church of 800, They have a full-time arts staff of 6…we have a staff of one and a great group of volunteers, They have $50,000 projectors ….we have…….

Well you get the idea. They have so much in comparison, but as it turns out, Butch was blown away at what we’re doing at Vale. For a church of our size, our budget and our staffing to be pulling off top end media work, projection and graphics is something quite amazing. When it comes down to it, God is blessing us so much. We have a tremendous group of volunteer artists who God uses week in and week out to make Vale happen. After spending time with the best in the buisness, I was left with one amazing truth…God blesses inspite of your staffing, your budget or your size. He needs none of this to accomplish what He desires. What God is doing at Granger is incredibly special…That same God is also doing something special at Vale.

As always, I remain convinced that we’ve only scratched the surface…maybe that’s the eternal optomist in me, but I truly believe it. We are blazing a trail in Bloomington/Normal and I can’t wait to see where it all leads.

Be encouraged, for you are all in the hands of the best God in the buisness.


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